About us

Now that we’re both retired we have time to spend on what we like doing best. First, and possibly foremost, is biking. This is our new bike, a Yamaha FJR1300A. It looks like being absolutely ideal for our purposes.

We love touring, and the FJR will be able to take plenty of luggage yet still overtake with ease up the steepest of alps. It has already proved great for scratching round the local countryside (Northumberland, the Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District). A true all-rounder.


Some years ago we found our way through the ether to usenet, and in particular to uk.rec.motorcycles. This is a popular and busy newsgroup, seldom on topic but great fun. Over the years we have met lots of the regulars and made many friends.

We get together at least once a year, usually in France for the Spring Bank Holiday. We’ve also met many times in the UK. This is a representative sample of the bikes!

This is us on the first of our two Yamaha Thunderaces, which took us to Ireland, Scotland and many times to the Continent. We’ve written diaries of most of our trips, both on this bike and the later one – see the links under Holidays.

The furthest we’ve been to date was in 2006 – to Slovenia and Lake Bled (absolutely beautiful). The journey out took in the Swiss Alps (Bernese Oberland) and the Italian Dolomites, and the trip back took us through the Austrian Tirol and the Eiffel Mountains in Germany. Mountains and motorbikes seem to be just made for each other.


Our other favourite way of spending time is on the piste! In fact, in a sense it was skiing that lead Colin to biking. He was looking for something that would give him the same sort of thrill during the summer as skiing did during the winter. Having met Pat she has come to love it as he does. This is us in cheesy pose above La Plagne. We like France for the food, Italy for the people, Austria for the cheapness and Switzerland for the toilets. So we tend to go to Austria!