This is the diary that Colin kept of a trip overland to India that he and five others made in the summer of 1970, having just graduated from Cambridge and before starting work. Petrians Mike and George had conceived the trip, bought a VW Microbus and stripped out half the seats. The others in the party were fellow Petrians Colin and Malc, plus Trottie and Pam from Girton.

The diary has been left as written at the time, with no apologies for the clunky English, youthful naivety, obsession with the costs of everything and occasional cod psychology!

1. England to Istanbul

2. Turkey (1)

3. Turkey (2)

4. Turkey (3) – Iran

5. Afghanistan – Pakistan

6. India (1)

7. India (2) – Nepal (1)

8. Nepal (2)

9. India – Afghanistan (1)

10. Afghanistan (2) – Iran

11. Turkey – England

India Gallery