Holidays 2

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In 2011 we decided to return to the Pyrenees, in the hope of catching some clearer skies and better views. We were not disappointed. To give us more time there we took the bike on the Portsmouth-Bilbao ferry.
2011 Gallery


We were wanting to take our summer holiday a little earlier this year, so decided to spend a couple of weeks in the south-west, including a week in the Isles of Scilly.
2012 Gallery


It had been two years since our last biking holiday and four years since we’d last been to Austria. Add in a desire to visit the Austrian Lake District in particular, to have a look at some old German towns and to stick our noses into the Czech Republic, and the holiday pretty much planned itself.
2013 Gallery


Because the summer months in 2014 were starting to look a bit busy, we decided that our summer holiday would instead be a week abroad some time in May. We eventually decided on Puglia, an area of Italy to which neither of us had ever been but which, weatherwise, would make a suitable spring destination. Taking the easy way out, and after doing a bit of research, we went for a fly-drive holiday with Cox & Kings. It proved to be a good choice.


This year saw our once-in-a-lifetime holiday in the antipodes, from mid-March to the end of April. There’s a long blog to read, if you’ve time, and some galleries to browse.


Time for another holiday on the bike. We’d fancied going back to Kitzbuhel in the summer, having skied there the previous winter, and we also fancied going back to the Austrian lakes. The holiday therefore pretty much planned itself.
Austria Gallery


A for Anniversary! We spent nearly a week in luxury in Mallorca.
Majorca Gallery


Although we tend to go on holiday by ourselves, the PEMC (which we’d joined a couple of years before) were doing a trip which included Poland and Hungary, both countries which we’d never visited. The trip also represented good value for money, so we signed up.
Eastern Europe Gallery